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If you want to be a better public speaker this is your resource center – a website for people who want to win at public speaking.

People who want to make public speaking exciting, challenging and fun!

Find blog posts on current trends & resources, speaking tips, exercises, interviews, links to books, websites, videos and much more.

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You are a big part of what this site is all about. We need you to share your thoughts and ideas about the topics mentioned in the blog posts below. What worked? What didn’t work? What is your experience? Comment! Comment! Comment!

The Toastmasters Weekly Workout

The Toastmasters Weekly Workout

For you to become a winning public speaker, it’s going to take time and practice in front of a live audience and that’s what’s available at Toastmasters.

The Winning Approach to Public Speaking

The Winning Approach to Public Speaking

Public speaking is like any other performance-based activity. Just like golf, you can be really good if you take the time to find a good instructor and practice, practice, practice.

An Audience Anytime

An Audience Anytime

There is nothing quite like a living, breathing, live audience. If a live audience isn’t available, however, there’s always a “Virtual Audience”.

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