Let’s Make Speech a Sport

by Steve Evans | Blog

Become an Athlete in a New Arena

How many smart, talented people sell themselves short because they are afraid to get up and present themselves and their ideas?  Has this been you from time to time?  No doubt about it, the fear of public speaking is one of our most prevalent and deep-seated fears.  It’s something that everyone suffers from one degree to another. As Mark Twain put it…

“There are only two types of speakers in the world.  1) The nervous and  2) Liars.”

Famous speakers like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, John Kennedy, even Donny Osmond suffered from crippling stage fright early in their careers and look what they became. If Donnie can do it, you can too!

Mark Twain
Public Speaker

The Sport of Speech is a different approach that can help you get over this fear, develop your natural communication skills, realize your true potential and have a great time doing it.

What if you approached public speaking not as something to dread but as a sport, a game that you could play the way you play golf, or tennis or surfing?  Why do people spend all kinds of spare time and money playing these sports? Because they are exciting, challenging and fun! Public speaking should also be exciting, challenging and fun. Let’s make public speaking more of an adventure like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, or swimming from Alcatraz or running a marathon. That’s the idea behind The Sport of Speech.

When you look at public speaking as a sport, you become an athlete in this new arena.  To win, you need to train, practice and seek out the best resources and coaches.  That’s what you’ll find at sportofspeech.com.

Steve Evans, Speech Enthusiast


First of all, The Sport of Speech is not a website simply dedicated to high school or college debate clubs although debaters of any age can benefit from the lessons and insights we’ll cover.

The Sport of Speech is for people who want to win at public speaking, people who would like to not only deliver a wedding toast and not embarrass themselves but to actually “rock the room”. This blog is where I’ll post things I’ve learned over the years so you’ll be able to benefit from my experience, the successes and the failures. I’m also going to post insights and ideas that I’ve come across from some of the best speakers, coaches and authors in the world of public speaking so you can learn from those people, too, and hopefully buy their book or sign up for their speaking course. We also need your best ideas and your stories about your wins and losses so comment, comment, comment. The Sport of Speech website is going to be a place where you’ll find resources; links to the best books, blogs, websites, videos, podcasts and speaking courses.  It’s also going to be where we, as a community, share information with the goal being to help each other be our best. Some of the ideas you’ll come across may seem a little crazy but I urge you to give them a try. If they don’t work for you, please say so in the comments section or tell us how they could be improved. If they do work, we would all love to hear about that experience, too. We are dedicated to making public speaking exciting, challenging and fun.  We are dedicated to making you a winner at The Sport of Speech!


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